A unique corporate gift


The benefits of unique corporate gifts as marketing tools are well established. Studies have proven time and time again that corporate gifts increase response rates, boost brand recognition, and create more favorable impressions of your company.

Personalize your gift

Personalisation is vital, but only if your company logo is integrated in the total design and on an elegant manner. Just then the receivers will use your gift and it will definitely be registered well in the mind’s of your clients.

The benefit of a unique gift

The more unique a gift, the greater it is noticed. A unique gift also translates to a display of the creativity and the unique thinking of your firm.

Quality time

High-quality corporate gifts will leave a long lasting impression. Chrono Watches Switzerland offers a wonderful private label collection for everyone’s taste. Our designers can place every company logo on a watch. This way the exposure of your company logo will be guaranteed. We design with great eye for detail and respect for your corporate identity. With the Swiss Made label we guarantee high quality, which empowers your strong and waterproof reputation.