Tour Chrono Watches Switzerland


In contrast to the business of our export department, our watchmakers' studio is dominated by the quiet and concentrated work of our well-trained and extremely experienced employees of many years.

Only attentive listeners will notice the sound of the compressed air. Using it, even the tiniest of dust particles can be removed from the watch faces. These are correctly attached by nimble hands on high-quality movements from ETA or Ronda. This is followed by the setting of the hands. The requirements for doing so are a steady hand, highly concentrated work and a trained eye.

The process of casing that follows requires much experience so that the individual movements of the hand can be carried out rapidly and correctly. No damage to the casing whatsoever must come about in doing so.

For many watch models, Chrono Watches Switzerland uses specially made tools (moulds) to protect the casing in optimum fashion while it is being closed. An initial inspection of functioning and waterproofness ensures that only watches with flawless quality leave the studio. After a rest period of at least 24 hours, all watches are again subjected to an intensive visual check and inspection of functioning and waterproofness.